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Interview with CT Commie Sept 2015

The Providence Journal of 28 December listed its top books of 2014
(chosen by 14 reviewers) and--my book, Four Faces of Truth --is among them.
Here's the write-up by MikeFreeman:

 "Four Faces of Truth by Harriette Rinaldi (Fireship Press). Rinaldi, of Warwick, spent nearly three decades in the CIA, including a two year stint during Cambodia's ghastly Khmer Rouge-triggered devolution. While this is a novel, the author's depictions are obviously well-informed, and thematically the book translates far beyond 1970s Southeast Asia. With luck, then, her book will be a well-heeded cautionary tale, not an adumbration for today's increasing unsettled geopolitical landscape."


Bayon Monument
Photo by Barry Broman, from his book Cambodia: its Land and its People.

Four Faces of Truth is a historical novel by former CIA officer Harriette Rinaldi about the relentless rise and deadly legacy of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. It will be published in early 2014 by Fireship Press, Tucson.

Rinaldi is also the author of the nonfiction book, Born at the Battlefield of Gettysburg; an African-American Family Saga (Markus Wiener Publishers, Princeton.)

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